blockout-solution-wood-cleaningBlockout Solution Wood Cleaner Polish is a unique formulation of natural ingredients that penetrates the wood grain to gently clean away food and oil spills as well as old wax, polish and sandwiched dirt, whilst the natural polishing essences enrich the patina and beautify all wood finishes.

Blockout Solution Wood Cleaner Polish:

  • hides minor wood scratches and water marks,
  • repels fingerprints,
  • removes wax build-up,
  • removes soap build-up

And the use of d’Limonene leaves a pleasant citrus fragrance and incorporates Cleaner Polish for Wood for enhanced protection.

Make a difference in your home by using Blockout Solution Wood Cleaner Polish on kitchen cabinets, painted and veneered furniture, wood panelling, wooden doors, handrails, bookcases, window frames, gold leaf picture frames, wooden fireplace mantels, gunstocks, wrought iron, wicker and rattan.

Guaranteed protection for up to 3 years.*

*When applied by trained licensed applicators, a service provided by Blockout Solution.

Don’t forget to ask for your; Quality Certificate, it is your assurance of a professional application by licensed and trained Blockout Solution Specialist.