blockout-solution-stone-protectionInvisible anti-stain treatment & sealer for porous surfaces such as:

  • natural stone
  • paving stone
  • plaster
  • terracotta
  • unglazed ceramics


Serious injury and potential lawsuits can be prevented by using Blockout Solution Anti-slip products. The addition of micronized polypropylene into surface coatings or surface modification can dramatically reduce the potentially hazardous conditions in kitchens, bathrooms, pool surrounds, shopping centres, restaurants or any wet area.

Products available:

  • Low to mid porosity substrates
  • Mid to High porosity substrates
  • Sheen finish, colour enhancing sealer for all levels of porosity
  • Satin finish in light gloss, semi gloss or high gloss sheen finish


  • Weather proof
  • Heavy duty degreaser and cleaner
  • Acidic based mortar and grout remover


  • water & oil repellency
  • stain repellency
  • protection against moss
  • surface remains permeable to gas
  • long lasting
  • looks newer for longer
  • environmentally acceptable
  • single coat application
  • minimal preperation required for reapplication
  • it will not alter the appearance of the surface (non film forming effect)

Guaranteed protection for up to 3 years.*

*When applied by trained licensed applicators, a service provided by Blockout Solution.

Don’t forget to ask for your; Quality Certificate, it is your assurance of a professional application by licensed and trained Blockout Solution Specialist.