blockout-solution-roof-cleaningThis service is suitable for:

  • concrete or stone roof tiles,
  • brick or concrete walls,
  • paving and most porous surfaces.

Blockout Solution will protect surfaces from:

  • water ingress,
  • prevents the growth of moss and algae,
  • and reduces discolouration.

The main applications are:

  • facade protection
  • protection against moss
  • ground protection
  • humidity
  • long lasting
  • looks newer for longer
  • prevent staining (oil)
  • stain (protection against exhaust fumes)
  • rain (protection against atmospheric pollution)

See Stone: Cleaner, Dirt Stripper and Sealer also suitable for roof tops.

Guaranteed protection for up to 3 years.*

*When applied by trained licensed applicators, a service provided by Blockout Solution.

Don’t forget to ask for your; Quality Certificate, it is your assurance of a professional application by licensed and trained Blockout Solution Specialist.