blockout-solution-leather-cleanerAny porous surface needs special care and quality protection. To maintain soft living, our service and treatment will protect against the sun’s ultraviolet rays and prevent cracking.

Your leather items will remain soft and age gracefully.

This service is suitable for:

  • all leather furniture
  • untreated vinyl
  • car interior
  • shoes and jackets (incl. suede)

A neutral pH balanced leather cleaner for all leather. A superb leather conditioner which protects against the sun’s ultraviolet rays, keeping the leather soft and preventing cracking, while moisturizing, nourishing and repelling watery spills. The leather Conditioner contains natural lanoline, beeswax and leather fragrance to maintain the opulence of your leather.

Maintain luxurious leather. See Maintenance Products for essential home care available NOW.

Guaranteed protection for up to 3 years.*

*When applied by trained licensed applicators, a service provided by Blockout Solution.

Don’t forget to ask for your; Quality Certificate, it is your assurance of a professional application by licensed and trained Blockout Solution Specialist.