Blockout Solution Microbial ProtectionAre you associated with the Hospitality Industry?

Is your business involved with; Theatre Venues, Conference Centres, Concert Venues?

Do you organise Corporate / Sporting / Promotional Events, Exhibitions, Shows and Fetes?

Did you know; you need to have your fabric and decorative elements flame retarded in order to meet legislation?

Blockout Solution is an accredited member of FFPASA (Fabric & Fibre Protection Association of South Africa). We can certify compliance in accordance with FLAME RETARDANT regulations for Insurance Companies and Fire Safety Regulatory Authorities*.

Blockout Solution’s Microbial Protection is a unique anti-microbial for use on all textile fabrics. The multifunctional anti-microbials inhibit the growth of a wide spectrum of bacteria, fungi, moulds and mildew to preserve the hygienic freshness of the products treated. The incorporation of Blockout Solution’s Microbial Protection in consumer and industrial products promotes hygiene and a healthier environment by reducing the number of germs that can be transmitted, whether in hospitals, health care facilities, public buildings, the workplace or the home.

Did you know; the growth of moulds (i.e. fungal spores) is known to generate an allergic response in many people?

Blockout Solution’s Microbial Protection treated products demonstrate a strong and lasting resistance to fungal growth.

Blockout Solution’s Microbial Protection:

  • Is completely safe.
  • Provides effective anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties to preserve hygienic freshness.
  • Inhibits the growth of odour-causing bacteria, fungi, moulds and mildew. In other words, it has a “self-deodorizing” property which does not mask odours, but instead works on preventing the actual causes of the odours.
  • Resists product deterioration and discolouration caused by bacteria and fungi.


Guaranteed protection for up to 3 years.*

*When applied by trained licensed applicators, a service provided by Blockout Solution.

Don’t forget to ask for your; Quality Certificate, it is your assurance of a professional application by licensed and trained Blockout Solution Specialist.