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The Fight Against Covid-19

Ultraviolet Disinfection Lamps

Ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) is a disinfection method that uses short-wavelength ultraviolet (ultraviolet C or UV-C) light to kill or inactivate microorganisms by destroying nucleic acids and disrupting their DNA, leaving them unable to perform vital cellular functions.[1] UVGI is used in a variety of applications, such as food, air, and water purification.
UV-C light is weak at the Earth’s surface since the ozone layer of the atmosphere blocks it.[2] UVGI devices can produce strong enough UV-C light in circulating air or water systems to make them inhospitable environments to microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, molds, and other pathogens. UVGI can be coupled with a filtration system to sanitize air and water.

Professional Anti-microbial Fogging: Price from R2,65 p/m2.

Why ULV Fogging?
Pathogenic microbes such as viruses, fungi and pathogenic bacteria are the main cause of airborne or direct contact diseases affecting animals and humans. Studies show the application of disinfectants and biocides via aerosol or fogging, significantly reduces the number of viable infectious pathogens. Foggers produce micro droplets that float in the air for around 10 minutes after application, reaching the most inaccessible parts that conventional cleaning or spraying can’t reach.
Why our product?
It’s been extensively tested against a wide range of naked viruses, like Parvovirus, Circoviruses, Reoviruses, Adenoviruses and Birnaviruses (Infectious bursal disease virus). These viruses are widely regarded as the most difficult to kill and our product is proven to be effective against these viruses.

Benefits of Blockout Solution

1. Durability and Protection for Fabric & Leather

Blockout Solution extends the life of all your home furnishings (upholstery, rugs, furniture and carpets).
Even leather (suede and nubuck included)! Blockout Solution does not change the look or feel of the fabric.
Can be applied to all fabric including velvet, silk, linen & blends.
It penetrates the fibres and forms an invisible durable shield against dirt, water damage, mould,
fungus, bacteria (benefiting individuals with allergies and asthma, and oil and water-based stains.
Keeps your furnishings newer, fresher and cleaner for longer.

2. Easier Clean-up

Blockout Solution will help by allowing spills to be blotted before staining and releasing more stains when
Professional cleaning of carpets and upholstery is carried out.


3. Improves Indoor Air Quality

Fibres resist soiling and makes vacuuming more effective!
This protection on your carpets, rugs and furniture will, with the correct vacuuming regime,
Significantly improve indoor air quality by removing dust, pollen allergens, bacteria and mould and Fungal spores that would otherwise be trapped in the fibres.

Disinfectant Fogger

Disinfectant Fogger 400ml

air and surface sanitizer

Air and Surface Sanitizer 200ml

Our solution to you is high quality masks treated with laboratory tested Puretex silver ion technology which has 99.9% anti-microbial activity that lasts up to 50 washes!
Masks can easily be contaminated in public and can infect the wearer much later by touching the mask. With our mask the virus will be killed on contact with the Puretex coating. This makes our masks an amazing asset for children and others who are not skilled in wearing a mask because our fabric is treated with Puretex.

Treated MASK – R55,00 each

hand sanitizer and mask

SCHOOL Special: Mask & 150ml – both for R110,00